Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saudi girls for fun

U get here some details abt the GIRLSFORFUNNEARN ZONE

I m CEO of the firm > AMIT KUMAR
my contact details > +919920291646 or 09920291646

Read the details given below cerefully

Girls For Fun And Earn is NOT a CLUB or AGENCY. It is actually a Database of Sexually unsatisfied females who are on the look out for people who can satisfy them sexually n like to get related with new people....................


These females seek sexual pleasure becoz their Husbands / Boyfriends are unable to sexually satisfy them for reasons whatsoever.
They have registered with us thru our network of PROFESSIONAL GIGOLOS. Hence every contact herein is 100 % tested.

The Database contains the following details of females: Name, Age, Contact Details, Address, Photograph, Code to tell them when u call and vital stats.

U get girls regesterd in age grp of 19-35

The places where u get females in INDIA
here some details of the areas where u get the females in u r cities

Regestration charges for u r Country given below

IN Saudi Arabia
I can provide u indian females And girls Contacts.And They are from ABHA, AHSA, AL-KHOBAR,BAHA, DAMMAM, OHAHRAM, HAIL, JEDDAH, JIZAN, JOUF, JUBAIL,NAJRAM, QASSEM, QATIF,RIYADH, TAIEFJABOUK....ETC.This Females Sexcual pleasure because There HUSBAND & BOY FRIEND Unable to Sexually satisfy them for Reasons Whatsever..

I can provide u more than 250+indian females and Girls contacts.And they are from... Ad Dammam, Alimdar, Al Jamlyyin, Al jalawiyah, Ad Dawasir, At Tibshi,AL Khaldeyah,Abullah Fuad AND MANY MORE PLACES.... This Females Sexcual pleasure because There HUSBAND& BOY FRIEND Unable to Sexually satisfy them for Reasons Whatsever

IN Jubali(Saudiarabia)
I Can Provide u Indian Females And Girls Contacts. And they r From Aljubay,Aljubali, Yanbu,Alhuwaylat,King faisalst(west),Gharbalmanzarisubdivision ETC.This Femalessexual pleasure because there HUSBAND & BOY FRIEND unable to Sexually satiesfy them for reasons whatsever...........

PROCEDURE: You have to send the money thru WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER by visiting any of their agent locations or thru the net at Beneficiary name will be provided to u personally in chat window. After u send the money u have to mention ur FULL NAME AS FILLED IN THE FORM and the MTCN(Money Transfer Control Number). Once the funds have been collected physically, u will be sent the database thru email at ur email address.
as u conferm me u r transfer of funds u have to come online n give me u r email id or SMS me u r email id in next 45 minutes of u r transfer u get all the details thru email in ur inbox
This females r also been regester like u as for the same purpose by paying there membership feee to dont regect u... this females regect u only in 2 cases If u r phically handicape or have any burnt type of body or else they dont regest any of my members

Girls dont accept ant cash frm u just lookimg for sexual pleasure frm u
All the other expenses paid by females just u have go n enjoy the session of 3-4 hrs with her n satisfy them sexually

When u get the details of females u have to choice u r choice u r choice of femalles n go in her profile all the details abt the females u get just u have to go according to there time of avability n call on there contact number n telll the code which in in there profile then they comme to now u r my member then they calll u to meet her at common place like theatre, park, restorant any where the place convinenet for u n them to meet.. just u have to meet her n accompony her then she take u along with her to there place ot holet any where just u have to go with her n enjoy with her for 3-4 hrs session or if u have any nice place with u u have to discuss with them n can take along with u tooo or else all the other accomodation r done by females only

There are several reasons why people trust me:
1.> i have 6500+ members all over india
2.> a contact base of over 30000+ females
3.> database compiled with inputs from professional gigolos and not bought from any book store
4.> I deal thru my icici bank account its safe n easy way to deal
5.> this is not the business where i can do by having my own shop n keep females for demo
6.> I dont force anyone to join
7.> I dont do sampling or refrencing in any shot as its the mater of privecy n secrecy is assured here 100%
8.> I operate in 9 countries worldwide which include USA, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Kuwait, Sharjah, Hong Kong and Bahraim n many more ...........
9.> if u fell convince by me or if u like to join call me on +919920291646 AMITKUMAR